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Opening Notes

  • Refer to Learner Study Guide
  • Module 1: All sections MUST be completed.
  • Module 2: Complete ONE option ONLY in Module 2 (i.e., A, B, or C) - Verify your choice with your tutor before beginning Module 1.

Assignment 1 (All Sections to be Completed)

Assignment PREP 1~Getting Started: Course Goals & Your Plan to Achieve Them

1. Your Goals 2. Importance of Your Goals 3. Plan to achieve Your Goals
Three (3) goals should be identified. These can be related to process or content. Specifically, state why these are important to you. Be thoughtful in your answer please. Write approximately one (1) paragraph outlining your plan for achieving your goals.
Your answer please... Your answer please... Your answer please...

1A. Analysis of a Writing Sample

1. Communication Objective 2. Ways in which the document can be improved 3. Reader Analysis form
Identify your communication objective: what you want to happen as a result of writing the document. Identify at least one or two ways in which the document could be improved (Please pay particular attention to the editing section in Module 1). Answer the questions in a substantive way - please think more deeply about the reader, or what you could have done to find out more about your reader(s).
Your answer please... Your answer please... Your answer please...

1B. Sentences for Analysis and Revision

Instructions are clear for this section.

1C. Plan to Submit Your Achieved or Revised Goals (Bullet Points ARE Acceptable)

Here are some tips in preparing Assignment 1c:

  • Original goals - for some of you, you will be doing this assignment on your original goals provided to be at the beginning of the course.
  • Revised goals - I do understand that your goals may have changed while taking this course and reflecting....this does happen frequently by the way. In this case, please provide me with your Revised Goals and complete Assignment 1C on your Revised goals. (You will not be penalized for this ~ it is all part of the learning process.)

Develop a plan - you can do this in list form. I encourage you to use the SMART goals formula:

  • S - make your goals specific
  • M - make your goals measurable
  • A - make your goals achievable
  • R - make your goals realistic
  • T - identify a time frame

Integration / Application - also known as "Marking Scheme" - when I mark your assignments, I am looking for confirmation that the student (i.e., you!) have related your goals, and how to achieve them to the Module principles. Go into some detail, and make this part of your plan and smart goals please.

Note / Feedback: As I review your assignments, I may pose questions about certain points that I feel may need more work, and how you might incorporate other principles, or expand on your existing commentary.

2. Module 2 - Choose Option 2A, 2B, or 2C

  • Instructions for completing assignments in Module 2 are a bit confusing! So, I've put together the following information to help my students - Tutor Randy Fisher
  • Prior to starting Module 2, I will provide you with a spreadsheet with more defined information, to help you complete your assignment, and the course. You can print this entire document, or alternately save it as a pdf (see WikiEducator navigation bar on the left of this page.)

Option 2A

Submit four (4) of the following components . Each of your submissions may be unique, or you may submit no more than two (2) of the same component. For example:

  • My submission 1: memo (1); letter(1); Fax (1); email; OR
  • My submission 2: memo (2); letter (1); Fax (1); OR
  • My submission 3: letter (2); fax (2); OR any other combination of documents thereof.


  • Memo
  • Reader Analysis
  • Statement about Memo
  • Checklist


  • Reader Analysis
  • First Draft of Letter
  • Final Copy of Letter
  • Strengths/Weaknesses paragraph
  • Checklist


  • Fax
  • Reader Analysis
  • Justification


  • Original version of email
  • Reader Analysis
  • Answers to 3 Questions
  • Re-worked version of email

Meeting Record, Minutes

  • Set of Minutes
  • Certification

Option 2B

Report Preparation

  • a statement of purpose;
  • a completed reader analysis form;
  • a detailed outline OR a first draft (i.e., not both);
  • a final draft;
  • a short reflection on the report writing process undertaken and your insights for future report writing. (A pre-formatted Word file, "Reflections", has been provided for this task.)

Option 2C

Briefing Note

  • Briefing Note
  • Reader Analysis
  • Situation Analysis

Note for the Record

  • Note for the Record
  • Certification