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Collaboration 1


  • The Invoicing Company which generates the work has the option to invoice the Client directly.

Payment to Subcontractors

  • The subcontractors get paid after the Invoicing Company gets paid (i.e., cheque deposited and successfully clears the bank (usually within 30 days)
  • Discussion note:

Insurance (Export)

  • in some cases, in working with new Clients, we may have to purchase "insurance" - Export Development Corporation, Canada - to make sure that we get paid.
  • There is an amount that would be applied to the total (gross contract revenue).
  • The sales commission percentages and work payment percentages would apply to the remainder of the gross contract revenue, AFTER payment of the insurance premium.

Sales Commission

  • 15-20% of the gross revenue, depending on scope of work, gross contract revenue and responsibilities.
if one person gets 75% of the work, then the commission would move to the higher end of the range.

Percentage to Charity

  • shall we donate / give a percentage of the gross contract revenue (1-3%) to a deserving charity or group?
  • work emanating from the WikiEducator Community requires an honour commitment to return 3% of the gross revenue back to the WE / OER Foundation.
    • The Charity percentage of revenues may be waived - by mutual agreement - if a payment is due to WE / OER Foundation.


  • Each consultant and/or Company is responsible for payment of his/her, or its own expenses unless otherwise specified in writing.


  • Each consultant and/or Company is responsible for payment of his/her, or its own taxes.

Governance; Applicability

  • This collaboration agrement is governed by the laws of the country in which the Invoicing Company is located.