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Comenius European Partnership Project: Picture Stories Procedure:

  1. introduce project to students: First Picture Story - A Day in the life of a teenager at our school
    1. play around with Mexicans drawings to show idea that with a simple drawing we can convey alot
    2. have students do spaghetti matching with school people and places vocab + noun phrases, some serious + silly
    3. hand out blank quarter pages with same noun phrases on back, one set per group, 6 groups
    4. each group draws one picture per sentence, until whole chronology of a typical day is drawn, sorted, with speech bubbles
  2. students take pictures of each drawing, upload, save into Mes documents
  3. students create a text document:write a text description of each scene or a (funny!) dialogue to accompany
  4. when texts ready, students upload pictures + text to our site:
  5. students choose background music by theme using youtube audioshare
  6. students rehearse text + dialogues spoken using Intralab audiorecord (oral evaluation)
  7. students record texts + dialogues in school radio studio
  8. 1ereL students do editing in radio using sound editing software
  9. upload soundfiles to accompany texts