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Our vision is to ensure a healthy forest environment that will satisfy the needs and aspirations of present and future generations for goods and services from our forest in a sustainable manner.'


Our mission is to manage our forest resources for, with and on behalf of the people of Mauritius.


Our goal is the accelerated growth and development of the nation’s forest sector in harmony with our Republic National Development Plan.

We aim to fulfill the commitment by: • Improving the management, protection, rational use and increase and diversification of our forest resources; • Taking good care of the water catchment areas in the forests to ensure a steady supply of water for domestic and other purposes; • Looking after our rich heritage of native species of plants, birds and other animals; and • Developing facilities in the forests for recreation and tourism, which has now become an important sector of our economy.

LAWS AND REGULATIONS (Nature Reserves and Conservation only)

• The National Monuments Act No. 9 of 1985 makes provision for nature reserves and creation of new National Monuments Board. The Forest and reserves Act, 1983, together with its amendment consolidates and repeals earlier laws. This act makes provision for the creation and management of road and Nature Reserves, national forest and the protection of privately owned mountain and river reserves. It also makes provision of a Nature Reserve Board. • The Forest and Reserves Act No.41 of 1983 had been amended by the Forest and Reserves Act No.7 of 2003, Government Gazette No.46 of 24 May 2003, to make provision for control of access to nature reserves.


Mainland where access is prohibited

Perrier - 1.75 Ha Gouly Père - 10.95 Ha Les Mares - 5.10 Ha Bois Sec - 5.91 Ha Cabinet - 17.73 Ha

Mainland where access is restricted

Corps De Garde - 90.33 Ha Le Pouce - 68.80 Ha

Offshore Islets where access is prohibited

Round Island - 168.80 Ha Serpent Island - 31.60 Ha Gunner’s Quoin - 76 Ha Ilot Marianes - 4.05 Ha

Offshore Islets where access is restricted

Gabriel Island - 42.20 Ha Ile Aux Aigrettes - 24.69 Ha Flat Island - 253.25 Ha


Nature Reserves

Perrier - 1.75 Ha Nature Reserve Perrier is being maintained contantly through maintenance weeding, in 2011 5.94 Ha of maintenance weeding have been performed. The site is also being restored through in-situ conservation and propagation materials are also being collected for ex-situ conservation.

Gouly Père - 10.95 Ha Maintenance weeding of 1.57 Ha of Nature Reserve Gouly Père has been performed in 2011 and a population of Canarium paniculatum and Cloaxylon linostachys have been identified for micromanagement. Endemic plant species are also being introduce through ex-situ conservation.

Les Mares - 5.10 Ha Maintenance weeding of 0.82 Ha of Nature Reserve Les Mares has been performed in 2011, the site is being preserved through in-situ conservation and monitoring of indigenous and endemic plant species.

Bois Sec - 5.91 Ha Maintenance weeding of 0.97 Ha of Nature Reserve Bois Sec has been done in 2011. In-situ and ex-situ conservation is being done the site with a view to increase endemic plant species in the Nature Reserve.

Cabinet - 17.73 Ha A CMA of 0.09 Ha has been created at Nature Reserve Cabinet, with a view to perform in-situ conservation for Syzygium guehoii.The CMA is conserved through maintenance weeding of the plot and regular monitoring of the plants. The Nature Reserve also provides plant materials for ex-situ conservation.

Corps De Garde - 90.33 Ha In view to protect endemic species at Corps De Garde monitoring and vegetation surveys are done on the Nature Reserve. In-situ and ex-situ conservation is also being performed.

Le Pouce - 68.80 Ha In 2011 0.5 Ha maintenance weeding have been done on Nature Reserve Le Pouce, moreover vegetation surveys are being done to monitor the endemic species found on the Nature Reserve. Two mature Elaeocarpus intergrifolius trees have been found on site and its seeds have been collected for propagation at Green House. Other endemic species are from the site is also being propagated at Green House and Tree Seed Centre.   Islets

Round Island - 168.80 Ha General surveys and plant monitoring have been performed on the island in collaboration with Mauritius Wildlife Foundation.

Serpent Island - 31.60 Ha

Gunner’s Quoin - 76 Ha

Ilot Marianes - 4.05 Ha General surveys and plant monitoring have been performed on the island. Futhermore initial and maintenance weeding of 1 Ha will be performed on the site.

Gabriel Island - 42.20 Ha General surveys, vegetation survey and weeding operations have been performed on the island. Initial and maintenance weeding of 0.5 Ha will be performed on the site.

Ile Aux Aigrettes - 24.69 Ha Vegetation surveys and collection of plant materials for propagation in Nurseries have been performed on the island. Currently Mauritius Wildlife Foundation is performing in-situ and ex-situ conservation on Ile Aux Aigrettes.

Flat Island - 253.25 Ha General surveys and vegetation surveys have been done on the island.

Micromanagement of critically endangered plants

35 species in 18 sites

S.N Site - Location Plants Section 1 GauletteSeré Hibiscus boryanus Champ Thorel 2 Tamarin Falls Psiadia cataractae Les Mares 3 Magenta Diospyros species Black River 4 TrouD’EauDouce Zanthoxylum heterophyllum Flacq 5 Le Pouce Elaeocarpus integrifolius Pailles 6 Corps de Garde Barleria observatrix, Hibiscus fragilis La Ferme 7 RiviereRempart Ficus laterifolia Black River 8 S.L Cabinet Syzygium gueohii, Diospyros species Black River 9 N.R Cabinet Labourdonnaisia revoluta,Dombeya populnea Black River 10 S.L Grand Bassin Elaeocarpus bojeri Grand Bassin 11 Gouly Pere Canarium paniculatum,Claoxylon linostachys Grand Bassin 12 Cascade 500 pied Weinmania tinctoria Les Mares 13 Montagne Peruche Sideroxylon grandiflorum Riviere Du Poste 14 AnseJonchee Gouania tilifolia R. La Chaux 15 Petite Gorge Poupartia borbonica Black River 16 Riviere des Anguilles Pandanus pyramidalis Souillac 17 Letard Trochetia uniflora, Dombeya acu var.palmata Port-Louis 18 Cote D’Or Bakerella hoyifolia Curepipe

Biodiversity Rich Area 12 sites which have a high concentration of indigenous and endemic species.

S.N Biodiversity Rich Area Operation & other activities 1 Montagne Ory Vegetation survey 2 SL Canizard Vegetation survey 3 Piton du fouge Vegetation survey 4 Montagne Canon Vegetation survey 5 Anse Jonchee Vegetation survey & plant material collection 6 Signal Mountain Vegetation survey 7 SL Brass D’Eau Vegetation survey & re-introduction 8 SL Berat Vegetation survey 9 SL Campbell Vegetation survey 10 PG Choisy Vegetation survey & initial weeding 11 Le Morne Brabant Vegetation survey,initial & maintenance weeding 12 SL Magenta Vegetation survey & micromanagement