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Today is: 6, June 2023

Contact-new.svg Henry Loeser
Country:Czech Republic

My name is Henry Loeser and I am an instructor of Media Studies at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. I'm a veteran practitioner, advocate, researcher, and teacher of both commercial and non-commercial media since 1985. After extensive experience in the commercial media sector of the US, I expanded my interests into helping build the independent media of post-communist Europe in 1993. I went on to earn a MA in European Politics and am pursuing a PhD in community media while teaching media courses at Masaryk University. Current activities include board membership of CMFE, AMARC Europe, and ComMediaLab European Research Project. As founder and director of I've consulted over 100 radio stations and trained more than 1,000 personnel. radioexpert is an international non-profit organization committed to increasing the effectiveness of community media. We work closely with individuals and organizations to provide project development, consulting, training, advocacy, networking, teaching, research, and more. Our specialty is training community media operators in social entrepreneurship, to insure their long-term finacial sustainability. You can learn more at