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With the advancement in Information Technology around the world, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has accentuated in making world-wide web a mainstream business platform for its local organizations and companies. However, the software solution providers, especially, the web designers in UAE face many challenges to cope up with their competitors across the globe.

Lack of strategy and plan for the website

The lack of strategy and plan before they design a website is the biggest problem the designers face. The idea behind the website should be clearly defined and the target audience should be identified. When we define our users and their usability goals, we can then devise a better approach to design the website.

Complex designs

The web designers lack the real usability asset in their websites. They go for designs that are too complex for the visitors/users to understand. The website design and the content navigation guide the visitors/users and help them find what they're looking for. The web designers should make the users feel comfortable when they are navigating through the website.

Contradiction of design and the theme of the website

You might come across those eye-catching websites that tickle your senses but that's not all what a website design should be about. The contradiction of the theme of the website with the designs is also a huge hindrance to a user-friendly website. The design of the website should brand your company's look and feel. For example, if you're designing a law firm's website and using a flashy design then it may not be able to deliver your brand identity to your visitors.

Lack of SEO in design

Search engines are the biggest traffic referral sources for websites. The web designers fail to design search-engine-friendly websites because they don't realize that search engine optimization has paramount significance to a good website design.

Non-interactive designs

Some web designers in UAE often design websites that are not interactive; in fact, the design is just a dictation from the designer. The design of the website speaks out your business idea and converts visitors into customers. When a visitor feels that website is letting him do what he wants, that's when your website gets starred. The web design should follow the principles of orchestration and hide redundant details from the user.

High scrolling pages

Most of the web designers overdo the page length incorporating stale text. Too much scrolling tends to loose the visitor's interest in your website. Every time he wants to look up for something, he has to scroll up and down a million times, therefore, wasting the time and effort of the visitor. A good website design should be kept simple by maintaining a single concept per page.

Increased number of clicks

The most common mistake by the web designers is that they don't reduce the number of clicks required to reach a certain page. The visitor gets lost into the hierarchy and don't feel comfortable using the website.

Language errors and left justification of Arabic websites

Some of the web designers are not even adequately adept at Arabic; therefore, they don't understand the most important difference between an English website and an Arabic website: English websites are left justified and the Arabic websites are right justified. The language errors in the content of the website may dissuade the users resulting in the decrease of website traffic.

If the web designers avoid these common mistakes, design simply and creatively; and follow the HCI guidelines, they will be able to achieve better ROIs. Going through this checklist will make sure that your website attracts more traffic.

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