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Name:Peter M.Waithaka Organisation:The University of Nairobi Position:Lecturer

Brief profile

I lecture in the school of Nursing sciences in the thematic area of community health. I am a graduate of the University of Nairobi with Masters of Public Health and BscN.

Family profile

I have a family of my daughter, my wife and my self. I love watching movies,spectating football and listening to music.

Professional goal

To make this world a better place no matter how little my cotribution is.

  1. to read the much i can
  2. to revise all i can
  3. to share all i can with colligues
  • be focused
  • openminded
  • ambitious


  1. infection control and prevention
  1. health education
  1. e-lerning

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to work hard

to practice daily to eat healthy

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