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Heading Level 1

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Heading Level 3

Petina Ulakai

princess me

did u dee a PUTTY CAT?

  • lesieli kosi
  • mele hoosi
  • puaka
  • mele pato
  1. Lose
  2. Ului
  3. Petina


This page is awesome

Great Page!

funny dude!

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After completing this lesson, you should be able to:
  • Identify the monkeys from the humans
  • Laugh your head off, everytime you see a banana

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  • Humans - the ones who can control themselves when they get excited
  • Monkeys - the ones with no self-control when they see a banana tree

Icon activity.jpg

You will need:

  • a bunch of ripe bananas
  • 10 randomly picked people - regardless of age and gender

What to do:

  1. Place ripe bananas somewhere in the room that is not easily accessable but visible
  2. Let the 10 ramdomly selected people into the room and tell them to get the bananas

Observation: Observe what will happen then use the definition on top of the page to sort out the Monkeys from the Humans

fale hunuki
fale fa'ahi2
fale fkmanuka
Fale faka-Fisi
fale vaka