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Abena is the Coordinator of PSI-DL, mandated to provide quality education using distance learning techniques.

The 1st Phase is to provide T.V. lessons in JSS and SSS courses based on Waec syllabi. So far English and Maths are begun. Lessons for JSS and SSS have been telecast; and Science lessons are on the air.

Psi-D;L is devepping course materials in Blocklaying/Concreting on the technical side and Catering in the vocational side; 15 units in the 1ST MODULE has just been printed and distributed to the 1st batch of distance learners: Psi /DLis hoping to launch its TVET Open School in November 2007 with 13 Institutions each registering 50 students for B/C AND 50 students for CATERING;


psidlearning/my practice area

My Sandbox I am in Yaonde for Elearning Workshop. This is my 2an workshop onWikipedia.

///// This is my 1st time in Cameroon./////

==I shall go home on Monday.=GOD WILLING;===.

  • BULLET 1
  • BULLET 2
  1. DAY 1
  2. DAY 2
  3. DAY 3*#
  4. day 4.
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T;V; Production

{{Objectives| {{Definition|before you start this course you should understand what production means]]

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innovate animal breeding

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Examine animal breeding