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Hi everyone. I am a female grade nine student. I am from Bowen Island, British Coloumbia. I attend Island Pacfic School, an I.B. middle year program. I enjoy my ballet and lyrical classes after school. I moved from Holland when I was six, and I can speak English and Dutch fluently.I hope to travel the world someday, own an elephant, and take a spaceship to mars and the moon.

My Motto:

  • I am learning to make a difference

- Ted Spear

  • Happiness is not a state to arrive but a manner of travelling

-Roger Y.

  • Live the moment


Top 3 T.V. shows

  • Because it makes me laugh when I've had a bad day. I own all the seasons!!
America's Next Top Model
  • Because it is so glamorous and interesting. Haula!
  • Because it's so suspensful. And it can be oober scary!

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BERC (Becoming Educated Responsible and Creative)

I am proudly a member of BERC.