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SLMtitle.png Some Useful Links

New Users: For getting a User Page template on your page,after you create a login - you will be directed to a new edit page. While in the edit mode type Template:User_Page with two curly brackets on either side, and save page - you'll get a complete template for filling in!!! (this is based on a Template Template:User Page). Wikimedia editing help

To make fonts Bigger, use this syntaxt: <font><big>YOUR TEXT GOES HERE.
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Tip: Start the next text (which you want to be small or normal) with <font><small>

Certification of Wikiskills and commitment to 'Open Learning': Basis of certification Collaborative Videos: Kaltura

For learning about colours : All about colouring , Web Colours, Wikie color formatting, Template Text colors, Template Font Color Set text color by using <span style="color:#009000"> TEXT </span> Set background color by using <span style="background:#00FF00"> TEXT </span> Set both by using <span style="color:#FFFFFF; background:#FF69B4"> TEXT </span> For image upload (video) : Video on Image Upload For modifying images : Frames and Thumbnails For Free image sources : Free image sources Pedagogic templates:pedagogical Templates Infobox template : This link Example of use of Templates for Self Learning Materials: Click here Template for Web Resource : WR Template for summary: [[Template:Summary}Click here]]

Links for advanced work on WE

For tables :Help with tables, Tables Category templates : To look for templates

Navigational Templates: Navigational Templates

Creating templates: Creating new templates Templates for Activities : Click here Template for a three column Activity Table : Click here Templates for MCQ : Template:ABCD, Template:MCQ Editing using Open Office : Click here <flash>file=Magnifier.swf|width=400|height=300|scale=noscale|salign=lt|flashvars=?glassSize=2&initialZoomSize=150&borderWidth=12&file=../../images/8/82/E_coli_sm.jpg&width=400&height=300</flash>