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Put me in contact with educators from around the world.

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In this unit pupils learn to discuss their likes, dislikes and preferences with regard to food and drink. They learn about quantities and devise recipes.

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At the end of this unit
most pupils will:
  • understand spoken and written descriptions of food and simple recipes, e.g. items in pabellón criollo;
  • state their preferences for food and drink, including those from different countries;
  • order a meal or tapas for themselves or others from memory, or tell someone what they would like.
some pupils will not have made so much progress and will:
  • understand simple spoken and written descriptions of food and recipes;
  • state their preferences for different food and drink;
  • order a meal or tapas for themselves using a menu or other appropriate support.
some pupils will have progressed further and will:
  • understand more complex texts about food and health;
  • make comparisons about what is eaten at different mealtimes, both in the Trinidad & Tobago and in Latin America, and state their own preferences;
  • respond appropriately to unpredictable elements in spoken language.