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Preeti who???

Hello to u. I am Preeti Mishra from Delhi, India.I am a student of Education and incidentally, a teacher educator, too! I am presently working in the area of Educational Psychology as well as Mental Health in schools

Why am i here

  • For learning from academically inclined, like minded educators from non similar areas
  • For idea sharing with people from similar interest areas
  • For discovering areas in education which may be a passion with me but have been hitherto unearthed.

I am specifically looking for...

Anybody who intends to rise above the categories of Philosophy of Education and Psychology of Education. So, people who are spellbound, amazed and fascinated at the same time on the mere mention of a Psycho-Philosophical perspective on Education


Hey friend,it is actually very interesting and equally simple. Being from India conditions u to appreciate every living moment the extremely conspicous and logical relationship between what we today distinctly refer to as Philosophy and Psychology.