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Why Wikis Rock!?!

Introduction to Wikis (30 minutes)

  • A fathers online search for his daughters name.
  • History - Ward Cunningham developed the quick-web so people could quickly share and record ideas, this became the wikiwikiweb
  • Discuss and create concept maps of;
    • What are great about Friendships !?!
    • What makes knowledge / Information / Learning great !?!
    • How do these two come together?
  • Your use of Wikis
    • What is great?
    • What sucks?
  • Wikis as a Public Service
    • Open Educational Resources (OER)
    • WikiEducator, Curriki, WikiVersity, Etc...

Wiki Quality (15 minutes)

  • Discuss what is good writing, information, etc...
    • Draw a line (bad report at one end, really good report at the other)
    • gather ideas for what make a good report
    • gather ideas for what make a bad report
  • The collaborative nature of wiki quality
  • Tie writing discussion back into collaboration and wiki quality
  • Show wikis history pages, describe how the wikis history shows level of quality

History flow (5 minutes)

  • Discuss the edit / revert cycle in relation to wiki quality
  • Discuss Wikipedia's dispute resolution policy
  • Show and discuss history flow graphics

Q&A (5 minutes)

  • As students entering into high school, why should wikis matter to you?