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I'd like us all to stand way outside the wiki box and look at the box from an educational perspective. A socio-constructivist learning perspective, speaks to how knowledge is constructed and the best way to learn something is to build it yourself and then explain it to others. Wiki's are excellent for this, particularly for those who have built the wiki pages themselves. I believe the wiki used as an educational tool should embrace the idea of the webquest, problem based learning or some wiki based hybrid. In the end it is the people who built the pages on the subject who have learned the most. So when the learner comes to the wiki to learn something new they should build, from scratch, the next iteration of the page. Upon further reflection after the first day of the TSTT workshop I believe it is very important to consider the four pillars of instructional design.

I dream of being able to make a living by assisting and bringing to resolution issues related to education and ICT4D. My current harsh reality is that I have one foot in my old career of systems architect / team lead / database guru and I really want to leave the past behind and exclusively make a living in education and ICT4D (see dream). I was born in Vancouver, and I live on Bowen Island and hour from the city centre. I come to Vancouver to discuss wiki's, the 2.0 version of things and how we can re-invent education. And I strongly feel traditional education needs to be re-invented, or at least a complete overhaul of its methods. I hope to return with an excellent understanding of our shared WikiEducator vision and how I fit within the basic set of deliverables, resourcing strategy, and timetable.