Multimedia for Reuse Guidelines

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The main idea is to publish all the elements of the multimedia as discreet parts. This would enable someone to reuse the multimedia. As an example; if the visuals were good a person could record the audio in a different language and republish or rework the introduction for a different context.

  1. Create a Treatment (
  2. Request a Peer Review - but don't wait for the review before you start developing the multimedia
  3. Media object creation - create the multimedia as separate elements
    1. Audio elements
    2. Animations
    3. Video
    4. Etc.
  4. Object publishing (with timelines) - publish each object as separate element (this should match the treatment). Be sure to publish separate files in an open and editable format
    1. 0:00 - Introduction (video and audio)
    2. 1:20 - Samples (video and audio)
    3. 2:00 - Simple to Complex documents
    4. 2:40 - Editing a letter (screencast and audio)
    5. 4:10 - Summary (video and audio)
    6. 4:55 - Departing Question (video and audio)
  5. Publish Multimedia as single object - put together all the separate multimedia elements as a single file and publish.
  6. Request to reuse - let the community know you have published the whole multimedia object and the separate elements. Request someone reuse it and put it into another context.