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  1. The Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (Chadema) has called on the government to take the Constitution Review Act to parliament before the end of budget session, lest it call for public to reject the draft constitution.
  2. According to the party, the Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda promised that the government would take to parliament the Consitution Review Act to parliament for amendment in the ongoing budget session.
  3. A press statement signed by John Mnyika on behalf of the party secretary general,Dr Willibrod Slaa said CHADEMA is still waiting for the promise at this time as it coincides with the commission’s release of the first draft of the new constitution for discussion by Tanzanians.

“If the government fails to take the act to parliament by the end of the budget session or if the act will not meet the needs for constitution review process, the party shall marshal the public to reject the draft.” read the statement in part.

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The party also clarified on some of the issues it wants to the Constitution Review Commission to rectify.

  • Chadema, according to the statement,after going through the guidelines, and the fact that the commission on 14th February decided on district constituent assemblies, it submitted recommendations on issues left out by the commission.
  • It was after this that the official opposition leader in parliament, Freeman Mbowe stated that Chadema would withdraw from the new constitution formation process by 30th April, 2013 if several issues raised were not settled.
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George Njogopa o655308618 Ubungo

One of the issues was nullification of membership of those selected to the district constituent assemblies by the ward development committees (WDC) and instead be voted directly by the public without WDC approval.

  • The party also wanted the government to take the Constitution Review Act to parliament for some amendments.

It says with shortcomings in the composition of the district constitution assemblies, the commission went ahead and issued guidelines forconstitution assemblies for civil society organizations, institutions and other groups.

Chadema argues that the mentioned groups are those at national level while there are groups that are only at the lowest level in the villages and others which are not registered, thus calling for the opportunity to be widened to accommodate all groups.