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Hi I am Drew!

~I am a 35 year old Canadian male of Norse ancestry. ~My academic accredations include: BSc (Dbl Major: Computer Science & Music), MA (Cognitive Psychology) & PhD (Clinical Psychology)

~I also hold a Crimson Sash in Wundang Kung Fu ( Instructor 3rd Level ) and am an instructor in Taoist Chi Gung (Qigong). ~My Kung Fu training included my stepfather, and Shen Lung (Victor) Fu, my Qigong training included live-in training with MeiJun Rei. In all 20 years of Kung Fu & Qigong practice/training.

~I was conferred the status of Qigong Master by MeiJun Rei, in the Kunlun School of Taoist Internal Alchemy Qigong.

~I love my fiancee, brilliant and beautiful. ~I am a Wiccan and a Taoist.

~I love (live for) music, art, books, martial arts, poetry, hiking, swimming (underwater), camping, etc. ~I work in teaching and as a Behaviour Analyst working with Autistic Children. Wonderful job where theres a balance of complex applied behaviour analysis psychology and playing with balls of colourful goo!

This is a great place! ~ Drew Evans