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Hello my name ist Mehdi .I'm in the 11th grade at the GiselaGymnasium in Munich . This acc is a projekt during our Physics class. Search for more at Mechanics11 [[1]]



[math] x_1(t) = 153mkh^{-1}* t[/math]

[math] x_2(t) = 14km+95kmh^{-1}* t[/math]

[math]153kmh^{-1}* t = 14km+95kmh^{-1}* t[/math]

[math]58kmh^{-1}* t = 14km[/math]

[math]t = 0.24h[/math]

2.6 Anfahren

[math]a_{Zug} = 0.850 \frac {m}{s^2}[/math]

[math]V_{Zug} = 75,0 \frac {km}{h}[/math]

[math]V_{Zug} = a * t[/math]



a) [math] E_k = \frac {1}{2}* v^2 [/math]

[math]\frac {1}{2}*2000*(50/3.6) = 192901[/math]

b) [math] E_b = m*g*h= 1000*9,81*200 = 1962000J [/math]

c) [math]\frac{1}{2} 4000000* 1 = 2MJ[/math]


a) E=[math]\frac {1}{2}[/math]mv2
[math]\frac {1}{2}[/math] [math]*[/math] 2000kg[math]*[/math]50[math]\frac {km}{h}[/math]=193kJ
b) E=mgh
1000kg[math]*[/math]9.61[math]\frac {n}{kg}[/math][math]*[/math]200m=1,96MJ
c) E=[math]\frac {1}{2}[/math]mv2
[math]\frac {1}{2}[/math][math]*[/math]4000t[math]*[/math]1[math]\frac {m}{s}[/math]=2MJ

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