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My profile

My name is Thandeka Mpanza.

  • I am doing Marketing and Sales for the farming business i've recently started with my cousins.
  • I work for kwaHlaza farming co-operation.
  • I come from a family of four.I am based in Empangeni.

Work info

  1. I am a chairperson for a business we have just opened where we we own and leased land for surgarcane plantation of which we still tying to look for funding to boost our business.
  2. We are being assisted by Moba House as mentors who help entrepreneurs who are interested in planting Sugarcane.
    Thandeka Mpanza and Sisters


I am very much interested in thngs that builds people.I am even interested in reading newspapers now and i also like decorating reading and Touring.


  1. sugar farming

External Resources

the CNN News website Durban university of Technology website