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Ceci est saisi en direct

level 2 head line

level 2 Head line

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ceci est le rich editor en parallele

insert of quoted text:

-- pp create schema de tx .p156 -- CREATE SCHEMA exoparc00 DEFAULT character set latin1; -- Creation des tables et PK -- source

=== test of parasit

T:\\Code\\YsqRoadMap\\Grm\\01_pass213\\exoparc00.sql; CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS 'exoparc00' DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 ; USE exoparc00; CREATE TABLE Segment (indIP varchar(11), nomSegment varchar(20) NOT NULL, etage TINYINT(1), CONSTRAINT pk_Segment PRIMARY KEY (indIP)); CREATE TABLE Salle (nSalle varchar(7), nomSalle varchar(20) NOT NULL, nbPoste TINYINT(2), indIP varchar(11), CONSTRAINT pk_salle PRIMARY KEY (nSalle));

en italique: test of category

This is a test

indent one
indent 2

==== level4 of heading text banal

  • TO_DO one
  • TO_DO two

  1. do not forget
  2. remember
    1. sub 1
    • how to reset numbered:
  1. un
  2. deux
  3. trois
      • Leaving an open line between two items in a numbered list - in this case the numbers will not continue in sequence.
  1. quatre

-- externa link [1] {{{2}}}PDF down.png

-- image internal