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Zambia's Population The population of zambia since indipennce has increasingling been growing. At independence the population was 3 million. it has since increased to 13 million people. To the contraly the economic growth is not marching with the population.

Factor that have lead to increase in population include: 1. Early marrages

Education in Zambia

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Lusaka Province

We have a thousand secondart schools.


So far we have twenty four schools in Chongwe.

=What is Sustainable Agriculture?= 2.1a Definitions of Sustainable Agriculture: 1. Sustainable agriculture refers to farming that attempts to provide long-term sustained yields through the use of ecologically sound management techniques. This definition requires us to consider agriculture as an ecosystem and look at optimization of the system as a whole. We thus have to look beyond production economics and consider ecological stability and sustainability. 2. Sustainable agriculture is an approach to agricultural production that stresses the improvement and preservation of the land while increasing productivity and decreasing dependency on external inputs. 3. Sustainable agriculture is the successful management of resources for agriculture to satisfy changing human needs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of the environment and conserving natural resources. 4. Sustainable agriculture is agricultural production and peasant livelihood that contributes to the rehabilitation and maintenance of ecological balance and the environment with just economic returns, promoting a better quality of life for the farmers, consumers and fostering the development of local institutions for the benefit and survival of all humankind. 5. " is a farming practice" that involves techniques that are ecologically, socially and economically sound.

Tertiary Education

  1. Number
    1. whole numbers
    2. Even numbers
      1. Fractions
        1. Types
  2. Imprope
  3. People