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The Community Empowerment Team on WikiEducator

Phil Bartle and Liz Hélia DezimahataLory Svetlio Gladys Gahona
Ines Pinto Élodie Chatelais Silke Reichrath Valeria Mulé
Janita Thomson Shamsi Tayebi Sohrab Fátima Gouveia Garirayga Sosa Gil
Kieran Groeger Ana Pinto Ferreira Nathan and Al Boss Fátima Gouveia
Julio Issao Kuwajima David Cetina Caitlin Johnston Jibril Touzi
Matthew Wai Valerie Taylor Iulia Bulibasa Nunzio Pruiti
Komal Patel Laura Gianina Carballo Lillian Naka

Gladys and Jibril are friends who have helped us


Today is: 2023 March 30, Thursday
The time is 21:47, Zulu (ie. at Greenwich)

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