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All the following are in your tutorials, but I put them here for you as a kind of learning shortcut, and a slightly different way of explaining. Earlier posts on bottom, later ones on top.

  • ♫ Here is another tip. Uploading Pictures. You have a picture on your computer. You want to put it onto a page you are editing. Remember where it is and what it is called on your computer. On your page, in edit mode, you name the file by whatever name you want to call it. Do not use a generic name like "My_picture" or it will get easily mixed up on the WikiEd site. Best is to put your name in the file name you choose. All Community Empowerment volunteers should begin their image file names with PB. Make sure the extension is one of the many Wiki can handle, like gif, png or jpg. Put it inside two sets of square brackets. At the beginning, type in the word image followed by a colon followed by your image file name. Then save and that puts your page into publishing mode, and you have a web page again. The image file name should appear in red, indicating that it has not been used already. Click on it and a new page will appear that has easy instructions abut uploading the file from your computer. Do it. The image gets its own page. When you see it, go to the bottom of that image page; click on your page name and there it will be. --Phil Bartle 05:19, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
  • ♫ Another tip is to borrow from your Wiki neighbours. Browse around other User pages. If there is anything you like, just copy it and paste it in to your user page. Make any modification you need, and there you are. There are several characters not usually found on your keyboard in my Sandbox. Copy and paste any you want. --Phil Bartle 03:15, 28 July 2009 (UTC)
  • ♫ If you have not seen it yet, I recommend that you look at the youtube video clip on Wikis. In WikiEd, as in the video, the most important buttons are edit and save. A third button, Link, is not quite the same on WikiEd. To make a sub page, in edit mode, you simply give it a name. put forward slashes around it, then two square brackets in front and after the result. When you save, the word will be in red. Click on it and it will tell you there is no such page. As soon as you start editing, the sub page is created. --Phil Bartle 03:05, 27 July 2009 (UTC)

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Tutorial Schedule


Here I try out some of the things I am learning in the tutorials

Playing with Images

Tips from Facilitators

Basic Text formatting



=Heading Level One=
==Heading Level Two==
===Heading Level Three===

: first level
::Second level
:::Third level

##Numbered Second level
### Numbered third level

**Bulleted second level
***Bulleted third level

Creating New Pages

Please read this after getting familiarized with 5th day tutorial at New Pages and Links

Creating sub pages using internal linking function

I hope now you know clearly two ways to create a new page

1. Simply typing the intended page name after (don't forget to put the forward slash '/' )
2. As an internal link using your new page name syntax Now the question, how to create a sub page link?

Need for creating sub pages:

Suppose you want to create a separate profile page linked to your user page. Most often what beginners do is simply typing the syntax My Profile in the edit mode of the user page and save it. A lot of people will be doing the same. All of them will be getting the same page with the url, which subsequently result in an "Editing War" <smile> …every one will be editing the same page from different locations at different times to make it their own Profile page.

Now, how does it happen?

When you use the syntax New page to create a new page/link and edit the same, the MediaWiki software will create a page directly linked to the root directory that is and the resultant url will look like . This does not provide indication about whose profile it is.

How to overcome the problem?

Now to create a sub page of the page of your interest, for example, to create your profile page as the sub page of your user page, use the syntax

[[/My profile/]] ie two opening square brackets- a forward slash-your intended page name-forward slash-two closing squire brackets.

The resultant url will look like so that the page identity is clear.

If you are using pipe '|' function in the syntax (to display the link in the way you like), you can avoid the last forward slash.
Eg: [[/My profile|Anil's profile]]

Pedagogial Templates

Here is a comprehensive list of Pedagogical Templates:

1) Work through Tutorial 9 on Creating and Using Pedagogical Templates: Templates

2) Insert at least one pedagogical template on your user page. This will be required later for your certification as a Wikibuddy under the WikiMaster programme on WikiEducator WikiMaster.


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