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April Rant from Jonny

Although Medical Association-style medicine is the first place I'll run if I break a bone, Canadian mainstream medicine's blind spots are maddening for those with more internal medical issues. Manifestations read symptoms of allergic reactions are themselves wrongly identified as diseases, and any treatment is designed to mask these symptoms rather than correct the underlying problem.
While Europe, parts of Latin America and elsewhere are incorporating preventative health models like Naturopathy and Homeopathy into their single-payer healthcare systems, the backward Canadian government is incrementally privatizing and scaling back preventative medical coverage.
With Canada's leadership intent on following a bizarre path characterized by US-style short-term thinking, our national efforts are applied to "civilizing" foreign lands via occupation and bloodshed while China shows leadership with positive initiatives like high-speed rail system through 17 countries to Europe.
North American society is mislead into fragmenting and regressing while other continents prosper, build and thrive. The people need organizations, knowledge and strength to set our respective ships of state back on ethical courses.