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I am Richard Bruce Lamptey born at Wasa Akropong My last school I attended was London Metropolitan Uni in UK Am currently working at KNUST,KNUST website Am an Asst. Librarian at KNUST main library, believing God to become a top man in the profession We live in Accra, I am a participant of Web 2.o oranised by CTA/CSIR_INSTI in Accra,Ghana,

Lighthouse Chapel International

I attend Lighthouse Chapel International
I do my best to edify my spirit,soul and Body.

Who ever is reading this information I would like to ask if you have given your life to Christ? If not please do. There' nothing wrong with in giving your life to Christ. Do not be surprise to die and find yourself in hell.


  • Soccer,
  • Swimming
  • Research

Research Papers

  1. Papers:Information needs and Information seeking Behavior of Lectures in DASS of London Met. Uni.(Unpublished)
  2. Faceted Classification Scheme for Ghanaian music Industry (Unpublished)

I am written a paper on carrels knowledge use among graduate students in KNUST Carrels use Phanerosis75 10:25, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

My blog

Member of Africa web2 network [1] Bandwidth Management in African University

My little woman

Introduction to bandwidth Management