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Lesson Planning

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Key points
A good lesson plan will have the following features:
  • Specific lesson objectives that specify what students will be able to do that can be observed
  • Assessment that is directly connected to the lesson objectives
  • Learning activities that address the lesson objectives, i.e. they should contribute in a direct and effective way to the lesson objectives.

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Key points
  • Lesson plan is intended to guide the teacher in helping students to achieve intended learning objectives
  • A lesson plan should not be in a way that it can be interpreted in many different ways
  • It must be clear and specific

What to consider when Making a Lesson Plan

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Key points


What you intend to teach, and what forms of knowledge (concept, skill) that will be included in the lesson


What the student must already know or be able to do in order to be successful with the lesson

Learning objectives

What is to be learned

Instructional procedures

What you will do in teaching the lesson

  • How you will introduce the lesson to the students
  • Instructional methods you will use
  • Specific things students will actually do during the lesson

Resources (materials and equipment)

All materials and equipment to be used by the teacher and the learner and how they will be used


  • How you will determine the extend to which students have attained the instructional objective
  • This part must be directly connected to the behaviour called for in the learning objectives

Follow-up activities

  • How other activities/materials will be used to reinforce and extend the lesson
  • These include homework/assignment, project etc.


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Please get Lesotho JC Science Syllabus from [this website]

Choose one learning outcome from a topic of your choice. Make a lesson plan showing all the features discussed above.