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Laboratory management

Some of the chemicals and apparatus used in a science laboratory can be very dangerous and need to be handled with proper care. As as science teacher you have to manage the science laboratory by keeping lists of equipment and chemicals, and also making sure that everyone using the science laboratory is safe. So your job is to:

  • Maintain safe environment for pupils and other teachers
  • Maintain accurate inventories (lists) of equipment and chemicals
Safety in the Laboratory

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To ensure safety in the school science laboratory you, as the teacher, have to make rules for the pupils and other teachers to be followed in the science laboratory.

Safety in the laboratory is very important. Read more about the kind of rules you can make for the science laboratory from this website.

Also from this one

Promoting Science in the Schools

Students in the primary, secondary and high schools need to be motivated by engaging them in a number of activities. In different countries there are teacher associations which promote science by organising a variety of activities for the students. In Lesotho there is the Lesotho Science and Mathematics Teachers' Association (LSMTA) which holds different activities that include science and mathematics quizes and fairs.