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SCI 1301P-A Assignment, May 30th 2009

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Question 1

One method of separating Heterogeneous mixtures is filtration.

a) Explain, with the help of labelled diagrams, how filtration can be carried out. [2+3]

b) What other method can you use to separate heterogeneous mixtures? Give examples of mixtures that can be separated using this method. [2+3]

Question 2

Give three types of chemical reactions, and for each type give a balanced chemical equation. [3+3]

Question 3

Use the Lewis dot diagram to show how the following elements can react:

a) Nitrogen with Hydrogen [3]

b) Aluminium with Chlorine [3]

c) Carbon with oxygen [3]

d) What type of bonds will the elements in (a), (b) and (c) above form? Explain your answer. [3+2]