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My name is Peris Njoroge. Am a Kenyan,based in the capital city of Nairobi.I work as a curriculum developer at the Kenya Institute of Education The KIE Website which is the national centre for curriculum developement and research. Am currently in charge of developement of curruculum in the area on Home science.

I am a professionally trained teacher from Kenyatta University (Bachelor of Education in Home Economics).In addition, I have also trained as a couselling Psychologist from the same university.(Masters in Education, Guidance and counselling).I have alot of interest in pschological health and HIV and AIDs related issues. Am the coordinator of the VCT centre at my workplace.

I have carried out research in the area of guidance and counselling in schools and have a thesis titled 'Provision and Organisation of Guidance and Counselling services in schools: A case study of Gatanga division, Thika district.(2004)

Currently am involved in open and distance learning whereby am digitizing life skills material.Life skills education is a new curriculum area that will be introduced to primary and secondary schools begining next year (2009). Hence, it is important that teachers get orientation in this area. Digitizing the training manual and availing it in open learning will certainly help to achieve this objective.