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Teaching in the Synchronous Classroom

The synchronous classroom adds a dimension to online teaching that is comparable to the onground class. It is where you get to impart what is needed by the class, which only the instructor can determine. Each class is different, as we all know, from onground to online, the combinations of people are like snowflakes.
For an explanation of the synchronous classroom, visit [[1]]. Blackboard has a synchronous feature that is easy and fun to use, once you get the hand of it.
In the onground classroom, students use a few ways to interpret what you teach. They see your facial expressions, use not only the words you say, but your tone of voice, etc. While you would think a lot is lost in a synchronized online classroom, it is really not true. What happens instead is that your words become the only way students can understand you. Here, a phenomenom occurs and your words become more powerful, because the weigh more. This means you need to be careful about every word you use. By using the following human responses, you can create a classroom which is every bit a community as an onground class.
  1. Humor
  2. Empathy
  3. Sympathy
  4. Concern
Here is a great site that will address some of your questions about the synchronous class. Top Synchronous Training Myths and Their Realities,By Nanette Miner