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Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School

Belmopan City

Catholic Management

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Students will be able to:

  1. name examples of verbs
  2. identify verbs
  3. use a set of verbs to construct a sentence

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Teacher will:

  • have children sing a song demonstrating action words.
  • elicit from children the name of the actions that were demonstrated.
  • display pictures and have children name the action word depicting the picture.

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Teacher will:

  • present a chart with a list of verbs and non verbs.
  • have children read the word list and to identify the verb.
  • have children display the actions for the words that are verbs.
  • distribute worksheet with a story and will have children circle the verbs found.

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Teacher will

  • present flash cards to class.
  • have children read their flash card and orally state a short sentence using the word.
  • present worksheet for children to write a sentence for each given verb.

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Have children:

  1. create a booklet displaying pictures/drawings depicting verbs.
  2. present booklet to the class
  3. in pairs demonstrate three similar verbs from their booklet

Student Page

Faculty Page

Language Arts

  1. Parts of Speech
  • verbs
  • nouns


  1. Numbers
  • inequality signs
  • addition

Social Studies

  1. Family
  • types of family
  • needs of a family


  1. Food
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Food
  • Proper way of handling food


  1. Meeting to be held every end of month
  2. Mas Attendance every second Sunday of the month
  3. Children are allowed casual day every Friday