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Several thousand police in riot gear used their shields to push back protesters and successfully removed some of their tents and barricades. But thousands of protesters, their ranks swelling through the night, put up fierce resistance for hours, shoving back at the police lines to keep them away from the center of the protest camp on Independence Square in downtown Kiev.


The protests began in late November when Yanukovych backed away from a pact that would deepen the former Soviet republic’s economic ties with the 28-nation European Union — a pact that surveys 'showed was supported by nearly half the country’s people. The agreement would make Ukraine more Western-oriented and would represent a significant loss of face for Russia, which ha

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Stockman's entry into the primaries, however, will put pressure on Cornyn to more further to the right. Stockman has already said he plans to attack Cornyn over the senator's perceived transgressions against the tea party.


just like him i guess.

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  5. white grape
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