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About Me

Patrick Alfred Waluchio Ongwen, Working with African Research and Resources Forum as an information profession and at the same time doing my masters degree in library and information Science. Am an advocate of open access to information in Kenya and i desire to see prisoners share information with the rest of the communities in Kenya.

Area of Interest

My key area of interest is on bibliotherapy and the role it plays in rehabilitation of ex-prisoners and reintegrating them back to their communities as good citizens. Ex-Prisoners are said to have been changed by the use of the word of God which come from the bible and other christian literature, my question is, is it the information in the bible and other related literature that changes them or other divine powers from God?

Contact Details

African Research and Resource Forum P.O BOX 57103-00200, NAIROBI Mt. View Estate House. Number 305 Email

Mobile: 0721541498

My Curriculum Vitae