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about me

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Development in the developing countries


  • Patience Nomathemba Ndlovu, I am a manager of the section Development and research in the Department of Social Development. My hobbies are reading, watching T.V, movies and news. I am from the family of five with four siblings,

=My Profession= *I am a Social Worker by profession, done research in the field of community development as well as social work, registered with the council of social service profession.

  • My expectation to join the the community is to develop the and do community enhancement programmes, issues of gender base to the youth, gain skills in technology as well as therapeutic intervention to needy families? communities. The kind of people \i will be interested in collaborating with are goal oriented, innovative, moral oriented as well as influentially and knowledgeable.

=My objectives= *is to enhance a quality of life to the most deprived communities such Non \profit organizations and previously disadvantages communities and to the youth alienated to social security and affected with triple challenges such as poverty, unemployment and inequity. =Resources to be linked with= are #funding, #advance skills. experience of working with various social sector stakeholders and access to community and have a proven track of record of success where community pioneer gold medal is won

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3 fair use policy in education



  1. Clinical Psychology * behavioral modification
  2. abnormal Psychology * schizophrenia
  3. Early childhood development * stages of development

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By the end of this module you will be able to:
  • Understand the principles of Ethical hacking
  • Apply the Ethical hacking methodology

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Download and instal map from www. Instal and configure it and run it as a test on your network. Email the list of targets

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  1. Passive Scanning:
  2. Active Scarning: