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Contact-new.svg Pamela Hunte
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Who is Pamela Hunte?

I am a multi-faceted individual who resides on the island of Barbados located in the Caribbean Sea. I will share information about myself in four areas:

  • The person

I am an over forty female with no children. I live in the parish of St. Philip but lived most of my life in St. Michael.

  • The Education Officer

In this capacity I have responsibility for:

  1. fashioning the national curriculum and
  2. visiting schools to ascertain how the Science programme is being implemented.
  • The educator

I have being teaching for the past twenty-three years.I currently teach Biology and Mathematics to adults in the continuing education programme.

  • My hobbies
  1. flower arranging;
  2. creating educational resources;
  3. gardening.

Making external links {2008-11-06)

My name is Pamela Hunte and I work at the Ministry of Education and Human Resourse Development. The website is

I work at [1]

I work at the MInistry of Education


this is the home page for the L4C project


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Pam's beautiful swan.jpg

Pam's beautiful swan.jpg

Using pedagogical icons and templates

Icon objectives.jpg
By the end of the lesson students should be able to:
  1. define the term photosynthesis
  2. name the inputs for photosynthesis
  3. list the outputs from photosynthesis
  4. explain the process of photosynthesis
  5. conduct research on the internet to acquire information on Photosynthesis

Icon key points.gif
Key points
  1. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make food;
  2. Carbondioxide;water and light are needed for photosynthesis to take place

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