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P90x: A journey towards your healthy soul power 90x? Yes it has the power to make you dance on its tune.P90x is not a brand it’s a enthusiasm /journey of an individual towards only motive to get better shape and personality.P90x designed by one and only Tony Horton, the famous celebrity fitness guru. Approx.2million copies sold till date of P90x and lots of positive testimonials coming from every part of globe. This is what P90x is all about. An icon in the world of health and fitness. The main principle of P90x is ‘muscle confusion’. P90x principle actually defines the structure of all the workouts. Actually this system helps in activating your muscles group. Tony Horton put together 12 DVDs for all types of workouts, all types of nutrition plans as well as diet chart this program require your 60 min investment in your workout. Till today, the popularity of P90x is increasing day by day and everyone’s primary responsibility is to be part of P90x.P90x is the best platform you have. Body building is the essential part of your personality nowadays and through P90x program the best way to shape your body. Those who confuse about the effectiveness of P90x, they need to have visit the site and watch the steps and process of P90x workout. The thing about P90x is that it customized to meet everyone’s fitness need. If you follow all the workouts and nutrition guide properly than you will surely see change in your body shape and in your personality. According to tony Horton, our workout is designed in such a way that covers all your body parts and you will definitely enjoy your 1 hour of workout.p90x lean workout schedulehas lots of variety and you will never be a part of boredom for the next 90 days.