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Getting feet wet


Avala Moon

  1. 1

Half-smiles and soft giggles on every face
Still I fall in love with this place
She knows I'm coming
I jogged this morning
Neighbours' dogs were barking
Snails were still crossing
Saw only old ladies smiling
But the young like flowers bloom
Dispite the rain, the cold, the gloom...

  1. 2

The moon waits here
Repainting the panorama
Displaying in reds and browns
Each hilltop, each field of straw
The forgotten towns
But tonight, the moon ever so shy
Is below the sky
Leaving the elders to explain why...

  1. 3

Bye and bye we lose the hassel of the city
To retire and admire the fresco
A lunar treat from Avalski
This battle of beauty
This paradox of sites
Clear warm vistas in cold luminated glare
A tower stands ayonder
With the brilliance of a permanent flare
Pure forgotten and free
In a Serbian silver moonlit sea...