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Personal Information


I come from a small town in the Morobe Province of PNG. My home town is called Wau. (happy to see that it is in the wikipedia) It is a small mining town situated in a valley.There is plenty of garden food and plenty of gold.The town is beautiful with good climate .The problem though is because of gold there is constant criminal activities there. I think one of the contributing factor is that there is a need for people to learn how to manage their lives and money properly.

About Me

[[Image:OM.jpg|thumb|left|At the wikieducator workshop]

My name is Otsie Morgan. I am a curriculum Officer at the College of Flexible Open and Distant Education.I have been working at the college for 4 years.Before that I was teaching high school.

Contact Details

P.O Box 1675 Boroko NCD Papua New Guinea

My Work

I work as a course writer for the College of Flexible Open and Distant Education in Papua New Guinea.My job is to transform the syllabus that is approved by the Education Department into a distant mode for our students who are studying by distance. The course writers are responsible for the writing of courses and the writing and marking of Examinations. We do a lot of researching,compiling ,planning, designing ,writing ,graphics, formatting and even editing. Once all that is done our work is assessed by two other editing committees before it goes in for printing, packing and despatching to all our centres where it becomes available to students who want to do studying by correspondence.

I enjoy my job very much because this is something new from classroom teaching and I am getting trained on the job. I know I am helping to educate and reach those who cannot attend the normal system for various reasons.We provide a second chance to those who were dropped off from the normal system and help our students to at least complete basic education.


Wikieducator is the answer for FODE.Our students are not as fortunate as the students in the normal system were they are able t access information and face to face teaching. With technology such as this and the work shop we are taking, we are now better equipt in resourses ideas and skills in order to impart the best we can be able to give. I would like to mention here that I am very gratefull and privilleged to participate and learn in this workshop all about wikieducator. I have tried on several occasions to help with adult literacy in PNG pidgin and in English and now I have the resourses in my hands (Thanks to wikieducator) I would be willing to help in any way possible to contribute, participate and learn. ==more_info