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Journalism is a profession that I opted for and love to the bone. The early days in the 80s, the reporters used typewriters to write the stories. The hard copies were submitted to the Editor who would edit the articles and the badly written stories that would not see the light of the day were spiked on a piece of wire imbedded in a wooden block. Stories were send by telex to sister newspapers. Those were the days.

Over the years, technology started creeping in and the manual typewriters were replaced by the electric typewriters which were replaced by the computers older models heavy with grey screens. Later models came in, smaller, lighter and full colour pictures.Stories started being mailed to the editor, and later dropped in folders on servers ushering in a whole new wave of digital news production. Over the years technology in news production has grown in leaps and bounds bringing in platforms of news dissemination moving away from the hard copy newspapers to online editions, via Facebook, Twitter with the compilation of news not only being done by the trained journalists but everyone and giving birth to citizen journalism. Citizen journalism became a reality because of the advent of the smartphones where an individual can take a picture of a newsworthy incident and without giving it to the traditional media houses, she/he uploads it on their Facebook page or Twitter to be read by the world and not just by the people in the area where a newspaper is published. Ethics of the profession have been eroded and old ethics need to be revamped.