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Contact-new.svg 'OLivina Mulikiha'amea Tuiouo
Employer:Scholarships Unit, Ministry of Education, Women Affairs and Culture.
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Hello World, my first internet publication.

I am working at the scholarships unit to assist the Scholarships Committee with their decision making.

My Profile

This woman is married with only one little girl, Cecilia Yanshua. I have been working for our government for 27 years and at the same time doing volunteer works for the Catholic church through Caritas.

My Interest

My interests include:

  1. Reading
  2. Swimming
  3. Watching drama/movies
  4. Sports (netball & tennis)
  5. Subsistence farming
  6. Piggery
  7. Weaving mats and
  8. Making tapa.

My Content Contribution

I am working at the Scholarships Unit where applications for scholarships are processed.

The application form are divided into 4 main parts.

  1. The personal profile of the applicant.
  2. The Educational background.
  3. The interests and hobbies considered together with references.
  4. The potentials of the applicant.

The application form is then assessed to the Grading Point System endorsed by the Scholarships Committee. The Selection Sub-committee will select the best applicants with their expression of interests according to the needs of the government and mission schools and make recommendations. However, my contribution to this page will be on the relationships of my volunteer work for Caritas and at the Scholarships Unit.

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Utilising my skills learned from wikieducator to:
  1. explain the relationships of my work at the Scholarships Unit and Caritas Tonga
  2. share how my volunteer experiences at Caritas Tonga impact our work at the scholarships Unit



  1. the guidelines for the Scholarships Unit
  2. reflect the attitudes of the staff and students in this give all and all give relationships


Template:The staff and students responsible for by the Scholarships Unit is an extended family and our vision is to help the family members accordingly


Template:To practice the Tongan extended family in the Scholarships Unit


Template:The following guidelines to guide the work of the Scholarships Unit