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Tutorials 1-4

Carnival Dates

This year Carnival falls on February 4 and 5, earlier than usual. This is because Carnival typically falls on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. In a leap year, Lent is early in the year.

What the stakeholders have to say

Steelband leaders complain that the bands do not have enough time to practise for the various steelband competitions. In fact, Pan Trinbago, the national stellband organisation, has had to make adjustments to the competition format because of the shorter period. The managers of the calypso tents have also expressed concern about the limited time available for doing business - only about 4-5 weeks.

The solution

The President of Pan Trinbago has suggested that Carnival should be de-linked from Lent and should be held on a fixed date every year, preferebaly towards the end of April. Supporting him is the Head of the main Hindu organisation of the country, who has expressed the view, that linking Carnival to a Christian observance is not appropriate in a multi-religious country like Trinidad and Tobago.

Bulletted and numbered lists

Bulletted list

Preparing to be an online learner:

  • Building Time management skills
  • Orientation to online learning
  • Building study skills
    • developing a study schedule
    • identifying a study space

Numbered list

Rating scale:

  1. Very unsatisfactory
  2. Unsatisfactory
  3. Partially satisfactory
  4. Satisfactory
  5. Very satisfactory