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Front Page

Title of Project: Alcohol and driving. Research Question: Does Alcohol really affect our driving? Teacher's Name: Nellie Deutsch. School Name: Ort Guttman. Your Name: Ohad Baruch. Date: 5/3/09


Research question

Does alcohol really affect our driving?

Purpose of the project

Reasons for choosing this topic

I chose this subject, and this research question, because it interests me the most, and because it's and important and critical thing we fight all over the world. Furthermore maybe my project will bring the world new findings about alcohol and driving, and maybe even change a law or two in a country or two. So my target is to find the answer to my question, is it really because of the alcohol, all the reckless driving and accidents, or is it something else?

Steps Taken on the Project

While working on the project I was brain storming with friends, family and of course Google. I needed to find an answer to my question, to understand if the alcohol is a main reason for accidents, a secondary reason, or maybe it has no effect on our driving at all.


(Comment.gif: Ohad, you need to conduct a survey and summarize the results or write about surveys that have been done and summarize them in your own words but stating where you got the information --Nellie Deutsch 17:42, 9 March 2009 (UTC))

  • Your findings on the topic

Some of my findings on the subject were surprising, but some were not. When drinking alcohol we cause many things, some are harmful and damage our body and mind, well actually most of the things are doing worse than that. --please explain --Nellie Deutsch 17:42, 9 March 2009 (UTC) Alcohol makes you feel lighter, become more negligent, and more confident in yourself, which are probably the most "famous" reasons for many accidents. Although very few things actually help our motor actions, and maybe even save us from heart diseases. But about alcohol and driving, it stays mostly the same. I mean, of course if you'll drink more then one beer, then you'll probably lose your focus on the road, and could cause an accident. But, and there's a but that even surprises me, if you drink a moderated amount of alcohol, you'll have better motor capabilities, thus the chance to have an accident is lower, in my opinion at least.


  • Examples that support your research question or questions

Let's say you're driving your way home, you think you have the control of everything, you got your wheel at hands, got your gear ready for shifting, you are pretty confident that you can do all this together without a problem, suddenly you notice a car coming towards you fast, the driver loses his grip and you need to respond quickly, now because your motor capability is low, you couldn't react fast enough, and the car came crashing right in you. You may think to yourself, "His crazy, drinking only makes it worse" and rather not drink at all, but you have proof that moderated drinking helps the motor capabilities, stuff that can stop things like these, you have to think about all the options you got.


I have come to the conclusion that even though drinking can make you more confident in yourself and have better motor capabilities, drinking, even if it's not above the moderated amount, does not mix well with driving, especially if you're not sure what is the moderated amount and you drink too much. I prefer not to drink at all if I'm going to be driving.



  • The process of working on the project
    • What worked and what didn't work for you.

what did work for me was the reason I know a thing or two about alcohol, but what didn't quite work for me is that I was trying to prove that alcohol doesn't really affect our driving...

    • What was the experience like for you?

I can't say I didn't find anything new because there are a few new things like the fact that alcohol gives you better motor capabilities.



  • Books


  • Internet web sites

Google, Ynet, etc...

  • People you interviewed

Friends, Family.

  • TV or radio shows