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Francis Thomas (BSc Environmental Science & Management)
Surname: Thomas First Name: Francis
Date of Birth: February 12, 1983 Gender/Status: Male/Single
Nationality: Tanzanian Passport No.: AB304100
Driving license No:4000026911

Contacts: P.O.Box 78977 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Mobile: +255713-391538 /+255782 611709/ +255786 670465
Email: Francis

Language Skills: Kiswahili and English – in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
Computer Skills: SPSS, MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Outlook and Internet

Objective: Develop and Acquire Advanced Career in Construction ,Environmental and Project Management

Major Successes

Integration of environmental considerations into site acquisition and construction deployment procedures.
 Successful on handing over the project on time to the client.
 Strong social capital in site mobilization to any site located to up country.
 Successful on site construction management with respectively to budget plan.
 Successful coordination and supervision of compliance procedure on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for new projects in Zain Tanzania
 Effective Geomarketing surveys hence extension of Zain/Celtel coverage to virgin areas
 Successful Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) for Zain/Celtel Tanzania (IFC requirement)
Major Strengths
 Sound understanding and skills on Construction and Project Management
 Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with stable negotiation and lobbying techniques on priorities based decision requirement.
 Multi-cultural awareness and good team player; dependable, hardworking, analytical, professional self starter and willing to offer and receive technical and professional expertise in the
field of environment.


June 2011 upadate Title: Director and Technical Project Supervisor, Lumocons Company ltd

Projects: Construction of Engineers camp for Tunduma Ikana road project,
A total of seven house under Consolidated contractors company Ltd (CCC)
Project cost 600000 usd.

Routine maintenance of Mvumi mwandege road 0f 60 km ,heavy grading
30km, and culvert installation 36k cost 50000 usd project on progress.

Construction of market shed for kilosa district council in Morogoro Project cost 60000 usd.

Sept. 2009 Title: Site Acquisition and Environmental Specialist, Zain Tanzania
(currently Airtel Tanzania)
Up to may 2011. A. General Activities
 Implementing the ESMP (Environmental and Social Management Plan),the collection of environmental and social data, internal audits and the drafting of the annual environmental and social audit report; ensuring compliance with IFC/World Bank Performance Standards (PS)
 Following and implementing policies for resources utilizations and management.
 Collecting data on the monthly utilization of internal resources for inclusion in the annual environmental and social audit reports.
B. Principal Tasks and Responsibilities
• Site Acquisition and Construction
 Implementing the process for selecting/acquiring sites.
 Obtaining certification that new equipment installed on each base station are at the required standards (don’t contain ODS, PCB and Nose Level).
 Ensuring that environmental and social considerations are incorporated into contracts for all site construction.
 Ensuring that supervision of the construction contract is carried out
 Ensuring general construction procedures in regard to site safety and security are applied.
• Operation and Maintenance
 Implementing the monthly inspection/supervision criteria and ensuring that all the ESMP requirements are applied, as well as preparing reports on environmental and social issues but also on Health and security issues.
 Ensuring that international standards (World Bank/IFC) relating to environment, health and security conditions are observed.
• Environmental Assessment
 Ensuring that the EIA and other assessment procedures are applied.
• Social and Cultural Policies and Procedures
 Verifying that the HIV/AIDS policy, the policy and procedure for reducing employee numbers in case of need and the policy relating to not employing children are applied.
• Annual Audit Reports:
 Preparing an annual environmental and social audit report containing a summary of the data collected during the monthly inspections for presentation to the Board of Directors.
C. Addition Tasks and Responsibilities
 Taking part in conferences and influencing environmental policies impacting on our activities;
 Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with the authorities and bodies responsible for social, environment, hygiene and security issues.
 Organizing internal trainings courses on PGES implementation; in particular training courses designed specifically for all the personnel that take part in the selection, construction and functioning of the sites; annual recycling training.

Oct. 2008 to
April 2009
Activities Title: Technical Project Supervisor, Lumocons Company Limited

 : Supervising 4 foremen and allocating the works for them. Works program preparations. Attend and do presentation on weekly site planning meetings. Labour and Resource allocation. Control of number of labour on site Small plant and equipments organizing and allocating. Plant hire and buying of material for site
Project s:  Construction of communication tower for zantel at nachingwea and masasi project cost 94000 USD
 Construction of communication tower for Tigo (35M) in Tanga and (45M) In Newala under Reime Tanzania Ltd.
 Renovation of Zantel HQ room to receive equipment ,raised floor
 installation and air condition installation under Reime T ltd, project cost
 81,000,000 TSH
 Construction of 90M tower for Zantel in Zantel HQ Dar es salaam project
 cost 36000 USD under Reime Tanzania Ltd
June 2008 to
August 2008 Title: Research Assistant Trainee, Institute of Marine Science - Zanzibar
Activities: Analysis of suspended sediment (turbulence) and determination of Oxygen Demand in Indian Ocean - ZANZIBAR
Title: Field Practical Excursion (FoS-SUA), Dodoma, Tanzania
Activities: Geological Survey of Tanzania(GST).Sample Analysis in National Mining Laboratories –DODOMA


Aug. 2006 to July 2009 Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Morogoro, Tanzania
BSc Environmental Sciences & Management (BSc ESM)
Major: Environmental Management

July.2004 to Feb. 2006 Pugu High School Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE)
Major: Physics, Chemistry & Biology (PCB)

Jan.2000 to Nov. 2003 Iyunga Technical secondary School Mbeya, Tanzania
Certificate in Secondary Education (CSE)
Major: Science and Civil Engineering


January 16 – 17, 2009 Employment Policy and Entrepreneurship Training at Sokoine University –Mazimbu Campus; Coordinated by PANTIL Programme Office in collaboration with National Youth Information Centre (NYIC).

August 25 – 29, 2008 Implementation of EMS Based ISO 14001:2004 at Hillux Hotel Morogoro; Conducted by Standards and Quality Management Experts from Tanzania Bureau of Standards-TBS.

DR. Allen. L. Malisa (Mr.) Zambii .A. Mwakuka (Mr.) Victor Rweyongeza (Mr.)
Faculty of Science, SUA Managing Director,
Lumocons company Ltd Program Manager
Airtel Tanzania
P.Box.3038 Morogoro 78977 Dar es salaam P.O.Box 9623Dar es Salaam
Email: E mail:
Mobile: +255713633288 Mobile: +255784246620 Mobile: +255 784 670 267
Tel/Fax 255232603404

I, the undersigned hereby certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, this profile correctly describes qualifications, my experience and myself.

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