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Oh wow I think this writing business is overrated , why don't we just do voice overs for everything . Oh well since I really don't have voice recognition , I really cant do anything about it but just to type.


So Web 2.0 interesting stuff , I am learning new stuff , that could come in handy in my line of work and stuff that I really like to do . So this shoud be fun , am feeling quite awake , interesting crowd attending the session . Its official I cant write a lot of stuff for shit , well then again am not a talker either .

more ramblings

ok am out of ideas now . I wish more people could be involved in this training it is quite helpful for them , they would learn how to edit stuff ,so I just got a thought , why not setup some sort of wiki for people to update their information on the NUST site , or encourage everyone to have their own site so that we can pick up RSS feeds from their sites to update to our site.

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