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Adding Extra Navigation Levels


But where do the arrows go?....

Using Templates for Creating Boxes

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Nik's Box on some topic

Lots of fascinating stuff between the curly brackets

For list of all available templates click here

1={{Tip|For a tip within a template use special 'nowiki' syntax (see this example!)}}

Whe I say practical, I mean that once I have learn how to use them, I will be able to make a good use of it, always folowing the examples of other participants.

Icon objectives.jpg

My objectives will go here:

  • Find out where hash key is!
  • Use it

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Text for your assignment goes here. If you like you can include a numbered list:
  1. First item
  2. Second item
    • Sub-bullet
    • Sub-bullet

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Case Study
title of study

Changing the Margins stuff removed - no work!

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Tip: Images

You can search for existing images on the Wiki by accessing a special page called the Imagelist. (Click on the link: You can also find images on the Special pages link in the toolbox located on the left of every page. Follow the link to Gallery of New Files or Most linked to images

link within my user section

Image testing

CAPTION My beautiful baby.
Any text which shares the same line with the code specifying the image will wrap around it to the left or right depending on the position specified, but if the text comes first only the last line will wrap - however text doesn't wrap around a centred image.

Finding Creative Commons Photos

The following links are to sites where you can find images covered by licenses that are compatible with this wiki:

  • Flickr Creative Commons - Search Flickr for images covered by Creative Commons licenses.
  • Wikimedia Commons - repository for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts.
  • Openphoto - searchable by license type.

See also: Open Educational Content Tutorial

Creating a gallery

My Mate Jimmy's Home Page

Playing with formatting text in bold italic links and [stuff]

Level 2 Heading

This is indented
This is more indented?

Level 1 Heading?

  • Create to do list
  • Do stuff on to do list
  1. Create numbered list
  2. Create another point
    1. And sub point
File:Don't [[Media: