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A story of bravery

Am African dream

There was lived a simple man. He was tall, had broad shoulders, brown skin and hazel eyes. Yes, he was a simple man.

There he lay stretched out under a Morula tree and quietly listened to the wind that played with the morula trees leaves.

It reminded him very much of the childern in his village who would come out a play in plains just before sun. And as the sun sunk deeper the liitle childern songs of play faded into the night.

Now Kgakgamatso was a man who took delight in the simple pleasures of life. A life under a tree

File:Maasi NG.jpg
Colour in the Africa

Botswana Districts

  • Southern
  • Kweneng
  • Central

Types of Trees

  1. Morula tree
  2. Mopane tree
  3. Motlhopi tree

For more detailed information go to

Harvard University Yahoo research