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My Page 


Dr Neeta Gupta

I am Neeta Gupta, Associate Professor at School of Open Learning, University of Delhi.DU Courses and Syllabi
I have lived in Delhi throughout my life. Studied at Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School and the did my Graduation, Post graduation as well as M. Phil from University of Delhi. My PhD is on a very interesting topic :The Memsahibs in British Fiction on India

My Area of Interest

I am extremely interseted in Indian English Writing and also in Indian Literature in Translation. I feel there can be no better way to get to know my country.

My Hobbies

  • Reading is my passion. I'm mostly interested in Fiction and Drama to some extent.
  • I also like to experiment while cooking and mostly these experiments turn out to be quite successful!

My Dream

Imagine a world where there is Peace

Imagine a world where there is No Hunger

Imagine a world where there is  No Disease

Imagine a world where there are No Boundaries

Imagine a world where tere is No Crime

Imagine a world where Human beings have Respect for Nature and for one another!

I dream of such a world and in my own miniscule way I want to help in making it a reality!