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Records Management in Namibia

Is records management in Namibia receiving the attention that it deserves? My answer to this question is that records management in Namibia has grown within the last 13 years. This is evidenced by developments in training, as well as policies particularly in the public service. I remember a time when if a job that required a records management would ask for a Librarian. Today many positions advertised in the media clearly ask for a records management professional. Our University has not been found wanting. It currently offers the following programmes in records and archives management:

  • Diploma 1
  • Degree and
  • post graduate (by research)
Having said all this, its unfortunate that the practice on the ground still leaves a lot to be desired. Ministries and Departments still lament over poor records keeping. The question then is: what can be done to improve the practice of records management on the ground?

Suggestions from Namibia

I am hoping that records management professionals out there can provide an answer to this question.

Suggestions from other countries

What are the experiences of other countries?