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We would be keen to have some ideas of people who could be leading professional development. John West Burnham immediately springs to mind however I am sure many of you must know of other people who could give some strong ideas on developing/strengthening home/school partnerships. It would be great to have some names of possible people who could help this development from diverse cultural backgrounds so that our application caters for as many people in our communities as possible.

Following a discussion with Charles we think our ICTPD Regional Cluster could work like this:

Year 1 Primary Schools focus

Year 2 Bring in the secondary schools

Year 3 bring in the ECE's.

The money decreases each year of the cluster and the number of schools we bring into the cluster would also decrease.

By spanning our cluster over three years we think that it would be more meaningful and would allow each sector to tailor professional learning directly to their needs.

Forming a super cluster that is characterised by:

  1. having a significantly broader reach than existing ICT PD clusters
  2. A strategic focus on developing ICT capability of schools through an educational ICT initiative
  3. Establishing and fostering partnerships with other organisations for the mutual benefit of the wider community


  1. Increase the elearning leadership and ICT capability of regional cluster schools
  2. Increase the understanding of the contribution ICTs can make to effective learning across the regional cluster
  3. Strengthen professonal learning communities and increase collaboration across the regional cluster schools
  4. Reflect and support government educational priorities

Our initial task is to brainstorm some ideas around the second and third points.

Here are some starters:

  1. Develop home-school partnerships
  2. Develop on line learning for everyone - especially in rural areas
  3. Teachers using online learning tools to better meet the needs of their children
  4. Increase the capacity of teachers to share their teaching/learning units in a way that incorporates eLearning

Our cluster goal could be

To develop and strengthen home school partnerships using an on line environment. This goal fits well with the Schooling Strategy, Ka Hikitia and New Zealand Curriculum goal of engaging the support of families, whānau, and communities. Especially rural communities which seems to be a focus for this government.

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